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If you are going through a diet program would already understand what is meant by calories. Calorie is the unit of energy needed by the body for activity. Calories will be burned by the body to then form the energy needed to support the work function of the body tool to keep it running properly and normally. Everyone has different caloric needs. Humans need to eat, one of which is to meet the need for these calories. Each food contains different nutrients. This makes the production of different calories as well. The highest nutrients that produce calories are fat, carbohydrates, and protein. (Also Read: Due to Lack of Calories and Protein, Due to Disadvantages and Excess Protein)

Consumption of calories is one of the decisive things when you want ideal weight. In general, if you want to raise your weight means you have to add more calories more than the amount your body needs. Calories that are not burned into energy by the body will be stored as fat that can gain weight. Vice versa. If you want to lose weight, you should reduce your caloric consumption below the number of calories you need.

Calculating the calories needed by a person's body requires the ability of an expert. That's why someone who is on a diet plan should visit a nutritionist or doctor to make sure. This is important because the body's need for calories can not be ruled out just because you want to get the ideal body. As discussed above, the body needs calories to get the energy used to support the work function of the body's tools. Reduction of excessive or over-limit calories, will cause impaired work function of body tools.

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Maybe you will be lazy to visit a nutritionist or do not have free time. You may also want to save costs. Now there is good news for you, dieters. In this rapidly evolving technology era, there is already available calorie counter application that you can download from your smart phone. Applications like MyFitnessPall and FatSecret are examples of applications that can be your choice.

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